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"Mid-Week Motivation"

Wednesdays: 7pm

"Good Friday Service"

Friday April 10th: 12:15pm-12:45

3 Identical LIVE Options

Saturday, April 11th: 6pm
Sunday April 12th: 9:30am & 11:15am

Ways To Watch:

Easter Sunday Service Replay (Website & App Only)

Sunday April 12th: 4pm & 6pm

where faith and life collide

Pathways Church is a non-denominational, Bible believing, Bible teaching Church. Through a real-life conversation style teaching, our goal is for our FAITH and LIFE to collide.

What To Expect

We would love to have you join us for a service! During a typical service, you will experience new music, along with some of your favorite hymns; hear an engaging message from our Lead Pastor, Brent Freeman. Messages are often taught as part of a “sermon series”, in order to present the truth from the Bible in simple and creative way!

“Paid In Full” | Sermon Series

We’ve all felt it. The weight of debt, that feeling that you will never be able to pay back what is owed. Debt can make you feel absolutely helpless. When it comes to our spiritual lives, ALL of us, owe a tremendous debt. The Bible tells us, we can never pay our debt on our own. The debt will always be there, and its crushing, overwhelming… The debt cause by our sin, can only be paid, by death. The good news, is that Jesus came to this earth, not to make us religious, He came to pay our debt, and set us free!

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